Hi-Lift Accessories

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Hood Mount
Mount your Hi-Lift Jack within easy reach on any Jeep Wrangler (JK/TJ/CJ/YJ).

(HM-800/HM-825/ HM-850)

Hi-Lift Accessories: Jack Hood Mount

Neoprene Jack Cover
Keep your Hi-Lift Jack's lifting assembly protected from mud, dirt and road grime.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Neoprene Jack Cover

Adjustable Tube Mount
Mount your Hi-Lift Jack to tube bumpers, bull bars, roll cages or roof racks. Models fit tubing sizes 1"-3".


Hi-Lift Accessories: Adjustable Tube Mount

Handle Keeper
Hold your jack in place and eliminate rattling during transportation.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Handle-Keeper

Lift from the wheel instead of the bumper.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Lift-Mate

Off-Road Base
Prevent your Hi-Lift Jack from sinking on soft terrain.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Off-Road Base

Off-Road Kit
Everything you need to winch with the Hi-Lift Jack in one convenient gear bag.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Off Road Kit

Secure your Hi-Lift Jack before you go off-road.


Hi-Lift Accessories: 4XRAC

Conveniently mount and lock your Hi-Lift Jack.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Loc-Rac

Bumper Lift
Use your Hi-Lift Jack to easily lift vehicles with curved bumpers.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Bumper Lift

Jack Protector
Protect your Hi-Lift Jack from the elements with this heavy-duty reinforced canvas case.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Jack Protector

Everything you need to service your Hi-Lift Jack.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Fix-It-Kit

Versatile Locking Knob
Secure your Hi-Lift with a quality key-locking knob. Works with 4X400, LR-200, TM-700, and TM-750.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Versatile Locking Knob

Hood Mount Locking Knob
Secure your Hi-Lift on your Hood Mount with a quality key-locking knob. Works with HM-800, HM-825, and HM 850 only.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Hood Mount Locking Knob

Gear Box
Convenient storage for Hi-Lift accessories, recovery gear, tools, etc. Water resistant to protect contents from the elements.


Hi-Lift Accessories: Gear Box

Reflective Loop Recovery Straps
Ideal for use with your Hi-Lift for vehicle recovery. Reflective loops
Available in 3 sizes:

  • 3" x 30'
  • 2" x 30'
  • 3" x 15' - Tree Saver Strap


Hi-Lift Accessories: Reflective Loop Recovery Straps

First Responder Jack Conversion Kit
Converts standard Hi-Lift Jack into First Responder Jack - the tool of choice for firefighters and rescue personnel.


Hi-Lift Accessories: First Responder Jack Conversion Kit