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Archive for May 2019

Hi-Lift Trail Fest will return in 2020

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources recently announced that it’s closing Redbird State Riding Area temporarily in 2019 to make some major improvements to the facility. We’re very excited to hear about the investment that is being made in Redbird SRA that will include new trails, major trail repair and reroutes, and paved access from…

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Handle Up!

As with any tool, safety is of utmost importance. It’s even more important when it comes to jacks or any lifting tool that is designed to lift a lot of weight. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mechanical style jack, hydraulic jack, or screw type jack… they’re all potentially dangerous if you’re not fully aware…

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Hi-Lift Jacks bear a mark of quality

If you’ve ever bought a new Hi-Lift® Jack, you’ve probably noticed “rub marks” on the front of the upright steel standard bar. These rubs or scrapes aren’t manufacturing mistakes or finish defects. In fact, we refer to them as “Testing Scars”, and these scars are a purposeful part of our manufacturing and testing process. Prior…

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