Gear Box

Hi-Lift® Accessories

Accessorize your Hi-Lift® Jack

Hi-Lift® offers a full line of Hi-Lift® Jack Accessories that further increases the versatility of the Hi-Lift® for many varied uses. Most of the Hi-Lift® Jack Accessories are only compatible with the Hi-Lift® jack and will not work with most knock-off jacks.
Included in the accessory line are varied mounting accessories, off-road recovery products, and carry/storage items.

We also offer a full-line of replacement parts for the Hi-Lift® Jack that are available and always in stock. Once a knock-off jack part breaks or quits functioning, it’s done because replacement parts are not available. Hi-Lift® Jacks aren’t designed to be disposable, and can offer a lifetime of use if properly maintained.


Equip Your Jack To Lift Curved Bumpers
Model # BL-250

Lift Directly From The Wheel
Model # LM-100

Off-Road Base
Alleviate Jack Sinkage On Soft Ground
Model # ORB

Off-Road Kit
Use Your Hi-Lift Jack Into a Winch
Model # ORK

Recovery Straps
A Must-Have For Off-Road Recovery
Model #'s STRP-330, STRP-230, STRP-315

Vehicle Mounts

Hood Mounts
For Jeep Wranglers
Model #'s HM-800, HM-825, HM-850

Roll Cage Mount
For Jeep Wrangler JK
Model # RC-875

Adjustable Tube Mounts
Mount To Tube Bumpers, Bull Bars, Roll Cages Or Roof Racks
Model #'s TM-700, TM-750

Mount your jack to flat surfaces
Model # 4X400

For mounting inside the bedrail of pickups
Model # LR-200

Bed Mount for Jeep Gladiator (2020+)
Mount your Hi-Lift Jack on the trail rail of your Jeep Gladiator.
Model # JGBM-100

Bed Mount for Toyota Tacoma (2005+)
Mount your Hi-Lift Jack inside the bed of your Tacoma.
Model # TTBM-100

Trail Trak Mounting System
For Jeep Wrangler JL (2018+)
Model # TT-1000

Gladiator Under Seat Mount
Interior mounting solution for Jeep Gladiator
Model # JGUS-200


Gear Box
Convenient, Weather-Proof Storage
Model # GB-525

Eliminate Jack "Rattling" During Transportation And Storage
Model #'s HK-R, HK-B

Hood Mount Locking Knob
Secure Your Hi-Lift Jack - For use with Hi-Lift Hood Mount
Model # HM-LK

Versatile Locking Knob
Secure your Hi-Lift Jack when using the 4XRAC, LOC-RAC, Adjustable Tube Mounts.
Model # VERS-LK

Running Gear Jack Cover
Protect Your Jack From Dirt, Sand, And Water
Model # RGJC

Jack Protector
New And Improved! Protect Your Jack From The Elements
Model #'s JP-350, JP-360

Parts & Conversion Kits

Extra Parts For Servicing All Hi-Lift Jacks
Model # FK-1

First Responder Jack Conversion Kit
Turn Your Standard Hi-Lift Jack Into A First Responder Jack
Model # FRJ-KIT