Hi-Lift Off-Road Base

Hi-Lift Off-Road Base

Alleviate Jack Sinkage On Soft Ground

Model #: ORB

Increase your support surface area and make the original power tool even more versatile!

  • Use the Hi-Lift Off-Road Base to alleviate jack sinkage on soft ground.
  • Convenient to use, easy to store.
  • Rugged construction meets Hi-Lift Jack specifications for strength & durability.
  • Can be used with ANY model of Hi-Lift Jack.

"The National Seashore requires vehicles carry a piece of plywood to act as a base for a jack. This base puts plywood to shame. The jack won't slip off, the base is heavy plastic so it won't rot or break. And you can't get splinters from it."
Paul in Morgantown, West Virginia

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