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Thanks for interest in Hi-Lift® Jack Company! To simplify your sponsorship request, please complete the form below. This will give us the information we need for our records, and make sure we are able to provide the products necessary to meet your specific requirements.

Please note: Due to an overwhelming amount of requests we are not currently accepting applications for personal vehicles or SEMA show vehicles that will not be located in a manufacturer's booth inside the event hall.

We’re excited that you are interested in including Hi-Lift® in your plans, but we also have to justify our means and budget by receiving a return for our investment. We’re not always able to make every sponsorship a “cost free” element. Our budget just won’t allow it. But, we may be able to offer a “special discount” price available to you to keep our budget within restraints. We do promise to be as fair as possible in our consideration of every request. We hope you understand.

Once we have received your sponsorship submission we will review it with our team. Should we choose to honor your request we will contact you within 5 business days.

In follow-up to your event(s), we appreciate receiving pictures of our products on the project vehicle or at the event.

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  • If submitting for an event sponsorship request, be sure to include the event location, expected attendance and links to photos or videos of past events. If submitting a vehicle sponsorship request, be sure to include as many details as possible as well as information about events you'll be attending.
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  • For more detailed information on Hi-Lift products visit Hi-Lift.com
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