Often imitated, but never duplicated

We don’t usually spend much time attacking knock-offs and imitators, but we do feel the need to make our case as to why Hi-Lift® is STILL the best option.

The knock-off jacks we’ve encountered in the market are import jacks from Asia that are of similar design to the Hi-Lift®. They are priced lower because they utilize cheaper materials, cheaper foreign labor, and sub-par safety standards to manufacture their product. Some of them are being marketed under the generic “farm jack” name, but others are being private-branded by companies to try to gain more legitimacy for their jack.

Hi-Lift’s 2-Piece Handle Socket Design

They try to hide the fact that they are Asian imported products by sticking their brand name on them, but there is no hiding the differences in the product. Sure, the consumer can buy the cheap knock-off jack for less money, but for a retail item that is already very low in cost compared to the value received – the consumer will get exactly what they pay for… a cheap product that may leave them stranded when needed.

We won’t ever be able to compete with cheap Asian import products on price, nor do we want to. We are set on making high-quality, dependable jacks that truly represent the reputation of quality, durability, and safety standards that has come to be expected from anything bearing the Hi-Lift® name.

Hi-Lift X-Treme Winch-Clamp-Spreader Attachment

The Facts

  • Hi-Lift® Jacks are built in the USA for over 115 years with quality American workmanship.
  • Hi-Lift® Jacks are certified as recommended product by the I4WDTA (International 4 Wheel Drive Trainers Association). Hi-Lift® Jacks are the only jacks to receive this recommendation and certification.
  • Only Hi-Lift® brand Jacks are tested and certified to meet applicable requirements of ASME B30.1-2015.
  • Every Hi-Lift® jack is tested twice before leaving the factory. Each Hi-Lift® is tested at a 4,660 lb / 2113 kg rated capacity and then also tested for up and down functionality on a lighter testing machine. Hi-Lift® jacks are also randomly tested at the 7,000 lb / 3175 kg tested capacity. 100% tested twice = 0 defects.
  • The Hi-Lift® utilizes a unique 2-piece handle-socket design that is the most reliable and durable design in the world.
  • Hi-Lift® offers a full line of Hi-Lift® Jack Accessories that further increases the versatility of the Hi-Lift® for many varied uses. Most of the Hi-Lift® Jack Accessories are only compatible with the Hi-Lift® jack and will not work with most knock-off jacks.
  • We offer a full-line of replacement parts for the Hi-Lift® Jack that are available and always in stock. Once a knockoff jack part breaks or quits functioning, it’s done because replacement parts are not available. Hi-Lift® Jacks aren’t designed to be disposable and can offer a lifetime of use if properly maintained.
  • Every Hi-Lift® comes standard with zinc-coated hardware which offers the most rust resistance available for the important working pins and springs. In addition, Hi-Lift® Jacks are powder coated for the best appearance and most rust resistance possible.
  • Hi-Lift® jacks come standard with a top clamp-clevis for increased versatility.
  • The Hi-Lift® X-TREME jack comes standard with a unique top winch-clamp spreader attachment which provides the ability to winch, clamp, or spread up to 5,000 lb / 2267 kgs in one position.
All replacement parts for Hi-Lift jacks are available and ready to ship to you!


  1. Mike Hughes on July 1, 2023 at 7:41 pm

    I bought my hi-lift jack in the late 70’s, still going strong, couldn’t be happier. Keep up the GREAT work!

  2. Lee on July 30, 2023 at 2:22 pm

    Sold me! Always go with USA made, if you can find it.

  3. Commoner on October 24, 2023 at 12:47 pm

    Bought mine in the 70s used on multiple jeeps and in general contracting. Was THE tool for removing fencing.

    Note if you are raising something that weighs over 1,000 pounds 2 plus feet in the air do you want to wonder if I should have paid more for a Hi-Lift?

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