First Responder Jack in action

Paramedics in Mexico save lives with First Responder Jacks

This story comes to us from our friend and rescue trainer Antonio Alfaro Figueroa in Mexico.

According to Antonio, there was a very serious vehicle accident that happened south of the City of Ensenada on February 18th. The fire department was the first unit to arrive, where they found the vehicle overturned and a person trapped inside. The firefighters started the rescue and extrication efforts, but the hydraulic tools they had failed. Within minutes the Red Cross Ensenda ambulance team arrived. The paramedics had First Responder Jacks on board their ambulance and were able to carry out the rescue together with the firefighters, using First Responder Jacks.  The paramedics from Ensenda Red Cross had just completed First Responder Jack training with Antonio and his team in Rosarito a few weeks earlier.

First Responder Jacks aren’t designed to take the place of hydraulic tools, instead they are designed to complement them. Hydraulic tools aren’t always the answer in every scenario, and frankly some departments can’t afford them on every vehicle. First Responder Jacks are a very cost efficient way to carry extrication equipment on every vehicle to make response time quicker and to save more lives.


  1. Brian G. Anderson, Author: Vehicle Extrication-A Practical Guide on September 5, 2018 at 3:56 am

    Great work by the Mexican team. Hi-Lift Jacks are an important part of the tool inventory for both basic and advanced rescue teams. Teams that have limited access to equipment can use the economical Hi-Lift Jacks or First Responder Jacks for many rescue situations, while advanced teams can use them for specialized operations when the Hi-Lift Jack is the best choice of all of the tools available. Genuine Hi-Lift brand jacks will provide years of safe, reliable service and user confidence in the quality design and construction.

  2. Jeff PUGH on January 4, 2020 at 7:27 pm

    Obviously these were the “First Responder Jacks” by Hi-Lift used in the extrication. Having trained with Antonio, his crew and the Mexican Red Cross we (Puyallup Extrication Team) know the importance of Hand Tools in the extrication world with the First Responder Jack being one of the main tools used. Strong work Antonio – keep up the great work!

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